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Aug. 17th, 2013

82 x Every Little Step (2008)
caps by needtakehave
textless are not bases

here @ _wc2k_icons
A Chorus Line (1985) Post 4/4
78 x Alyson Reed as Cassie
113 x multiple cast in group shots
caps by needtakehave
textless are not bases

here @ _wc2k_icons
A Chorus Line (1985) Post 3 of 4
20 x Yamil Borges as Diana
25 x Pam Klinger as Maggie
11 x Michael Blevins as Mark
13 x Charles McGowan as Mike
46 x Audrey Landers as Val
caps by needtakehave
textless are not bases

here @ _wc2k_icons
A Chorus Line (1985) Post 2
34 x Michelle Johnston as Bebe
27 x Michael Douglas as Zach
21 x Cameron English as Paul
33 x Vicki Frederick as Sheila
34 x Gregg Burge as Richie
caps by needtakehave
textless are not bases

here @ _wc2k_icons
A Chorus Line (1985) Post 1

12 x Tony Fields as Al
15 x Matt West as Bobby
12 x Jan Gan Boyd as Connie
8 x Blane Savage as Don
9 x Justin Ross as Greg
17 x Janet Jones as Judy
14 x Nicole Fosse as Kristine
14 x Terrence Mann as Larry
caps by needtakehave
textless are not bases

here @ _wc2k_icons

Loads of icons from various musicals.

BIG post over at my graphics journal, with 120 icons from 10 musicals.


05 x Beauty and the Beast
05 x The Boy from Oz
10 x Cats
05 x Chicago
20 x Doctor Zhivago, the brand-new musical starring Anthony Warlow
10 x The Little Mermaid
35 x Love Never Dies, including the re-vamped Aussie production
10 x The Phantom of the Opera
05 x Starlight Express
15 x Wicked



The rest can be found right over here at my graphics journal.  Take, enjoy! :)

May. 17th, 2011

Me again... this time with a ton of Valjean from Les Mis.

1 - 20 - Les Miserables - Jean Valjean. (Various Valjeans from different productions.  Also a couple of Liam Neeson in the 1998 movie.)
21 - 24 - Les Miserables - other


Here @ disillusion_row , enjoy!  Haha sorry, no more posts from me for a while, I swear...

May. 16th, 2011

1 - 8 - Clemence Poesy
9 - 12 - Emma Watson
13 - 20 - Lea Michele
21 - 33 - Ruthie Henshall (+Ruthie in Chicago)
34 - 41 - Miss Saigon (various casts, including Lea Salonga, Ramin Karimloo and John Barrowman)
42 - 49 - Spring Awakening (Original cast)
6 - Spring Awakening banners (Hunter Parrish & Alexandra Socha)


The rest are HERE @ disillusion_row .  xposted, sorry!


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